Spheres of Governance

Having come up with a very broad definition of governance, we shall proceed to narrow down the definition and examine the culture of governance as it pertains to different spheres of governance in society. For this purpose let us divide society into seven separate realms or blocks of governance:

1. Family

2. Religion

3. Education

4. Media, public communication, in all forms, printed and electronic

5. Celebration i.e. the arts, entertainment, and sports, where you celebrate within a culture

6. Economy, which starts with innovations in science and technology, productivity, sales, and service

7. Government

These seven classifications were taken from Loren Cunningham’s vision of 7 mind molders—which I have dubbed realms of governance for the purpose of this blog entry. If we look closely at these 7, we realize that to a large extent the first 5 have a great impact on the last 2 and how any society is run. The reason for these is that the first five shape a person and a nation’s consciousness. They shape the ethical compass with which any society or people guide or govern themselves. Another way of saying this is they are the crucible in which our value systems are birthed. This includes our way of thinking, our customs and practices etc. These first five shape our perception of reality. That is why reality is a subjective phenomenon when dealing with elementary principles of this world order. I have been privileged to live on 3 continents and visit a number of nations and one thing is constant. Every nation and regional block on this great planet of ours has their own perception of reality shaped by these first five mind molders.

Ultimately the way(s) the affairs of any of these seven areas of society are steered determine the future, the  course, direction and fate of the entire society because all seven are interdependent on each other. They are different members of a whole i.e. the society so if one segment suffers bad steering, the impact is felt by the entire society. SO the way each of these is piloted or steered is of monumental importance to the harmony and prosperity of a society, nation or continent.