Economic Warfare and the financial crisis

Since 2008 and by some estimates before then, the globe began its return plunge into the messy financially situation in which it finds itself. Many of us have heard many probably causes for the current financial crisis—some of which were publicised by the Occupy Wall street movement. What has seen little or no media attention is an additional probable source for the current financial crisis—Economic Warfare. It is estimated that $50 trillion dollars of Global wealth has been lost with not many folks asking where the  currency (i.e. current) of global finance has flowed to.

Today we will consider an article I published in the Fair Observer using as a basis a report originally published “under contractual arrangement with a subcontractor of the United States Department of Defense Irregular Warfare Support Program (IWSP) per contractual arrangement between the sub-contractor and Cross Consulting and Services”. While the claims made by the report might at first glance seem absurd, do remember that so was the prognostication of the Chinese Air force Colonels when they published in their 1999 book “Unrestricted Warfare – Assumptions on War and Tactics in the Age of Globalization”, that America could suffer a great explosion at the World Trade Center because of vulnerabilities in its security architecture. History seems to have been on the side of these PLA Colonels. Who knows? Maybe if their book was given more thought and probing and not just chucked away as conspiracy theory, the events of 9/11 might have been averted. We’ll never know for certain but while we still stand on the better side of history as pertains to the report I discuss in my article, the US government still has time to investigate its assertions and take precautionary measures if found to be true.

A copy of the article I wrote can be accessed HERE. In future posts, I will touch on some of the arguments against Economic Warfare and its probable use in the current Financial crisis. At the end of the day, it is up to each of us to inform ourselves and develop our own opinion. The important issue is not who is right or wrong but rather the safeguarding of global economy. Regardless of our individual persuasions about the USA, she still plays a very pivotal role in the global finance arena and if she goes down, she could take a huge chunk of the global family along with her. One question I ask myself is in the absence of America as the global hegemon, who will take her place and are we assured that that new hegemon will operate any differently than the U.S. has with all its successes and failings? I do not thing anyone has a definite answer to this question! Nevertheless maybe it should be one of the topics we discuss in upcoming posts.