Religion, Peace and Prosperity

Today, I’d like to share my recently published musings on “Religion, Peace and Prosperity” where I draw comparisons between Ghana, Nigeria and China.


One thought on “Religion, Peace and Prosperity

  1. Just found an article about a Harvard University Professor Niall Ferguson’s book called “Civilization: The West and the Rest” in which he makes certain comments that buttress some points made in this article:

    Work ethic: As Max Weber noted a century ago, Protestantism was a form of Christianity that encouraged hard work (and just as importantly, Ferguson adds, reading and saving). It isn’t a coincidence, he says, that the decline of religion in Europe has led to Europeans becoming the “idlers of the world” (while the more religious US has remained hard-working). Interestingly, Ferguson also argues that China’s embrace of hard work is partly because of the spread there of Protestantism.

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