The WMD of willful ignorance

For a while now I’ve writing about Economic Warfare and/or Financial terrorism and I used among other resource materials  the report written for the U.S. Department of Defense Irregular Warfare Support Program (IWSP) written by Kevin D. Freeman and the book written by the two PLA Chinese Airforce colonels unrestricted warfare. This is the book that predicted the 9/11 attacks among other security breaches. I touched on the economic aspect of unconventional warfare in this article making reference to how it was employed in 2008 against the U.S.A.

It seems like more folks are waking up to the reality of such threats as reflected in an Oct 10 2012 article in The Washington Times titled “Inside the Ring: New WMD threats“. Sadly for the United States of America, the current Obama Administration criticized a study which seems  to build upon the the work of Kevin D. Freeman. This study was according to the Times article  also a Pentagon sponsored report. The Administration not only criticized it but have blocked any further research into the subject area. With the overwhelming evidence set forth by both reports, one wonders why the Administration is acting this way. It is almost ludicrous considering that fact that both reports were initiated by the Pentagon or some other DOD outfit. The government seems confused. It asks for studies to be done into a particular security subject matter  and sponsors the report but then eventually squashes the findings when not favourable to the Administration’s leanings. The Washington Times alleges that the current Undersecretary of defense for intelligence Michael Vickers is behind the criticism and blockade. What possible motive could he or his superiors have for such a policy move which could augur very badly for the U.S.? Is it a matter of willful ignorance or pride?  

A similar travesty occurred when the Bush Administration did not pay heed to the warnings of the Chinese PLA Airforce Colonels  book Unhindered Warfare. On page 144 and 145, the authors wrote:

Whether it be the intrusions of hackers, a major explosion at the World Trade Center, or a bombing attack by bin Laden, all of these greatly exceed the frequency band widths understood by the American military. The American military is naturally inadequately prepared to deal with this type of enemy psychologically, in terms or measures, and especially as regards military thinking and the methods of operation derived from this. This is because they have never taken into consideration and have even refused to consider means that are contrary to tradition and to select measures of operation other than military means.

It is very sad to say but history seem to have been on the side of the prediction of the Colonels  Had more attention been given to that book and its thesis, maybe the attacks could have been anticipated and pre-empted. Only GOD knows how much horror could have been averted. Pride indeed does go before a fall and is potentially the most dangerous of all WMDs. Pride is the only reason I can come up with for such willful ignorance being exhibited by some U.S. policy makers.

Gone are the days when policy-making was conventional and solely about what folks had been taught in Ivy League towers. Warfare of today has absolutely metamorphosed and taken up chimeric properties. The rules of engagement have changed. No one is playing fair. To engage, policymakers must learn to think outside the box and use the information given them by their various research units be it politically advantageous or not. Only nations with such selfless policymakers will make it out of this dispensation of unconventional, irregular warfare strategies  Those who refuse to change and choose to do politics as usual will most probably sink. Hopefully this hardheaded stance of the Obama Administration to anything different from its ideology will change soon.

The U.S. despite her 16 trillion dollar debt is still a major player in world economics. Hence what happens with and to this nation must be of concern to the entire globe.