Hopeful Africa Revisited


Some of you would remember my blog article titled Hopeful Africa. I wrote it in disagreement with all the negative prognostication of certain media outlets with regards to Africa, going to the extent of condemning Africa as a Hopeless continent. I wrote ‘Hopeful Africa’ last year, as a sort of response to the negative media about the continent. Following the publication of Hopeless Africa, the same Economist has come out with a new article titled…you guessed it  🙂 … A hopeful continent.

Africa is really a hopeful continent with wonderful people who need to take charge of their destiny via forward moving, home grown policies that have its people at the heart. Much progress has been made already and much more is needed to raise the human development level of the ordinary African. That said, the Africa of today is drastically different from that of yesterday which was riddled with senseless conflicts in every corner. Corruption and impunity is also on the decline in many quarters.

There are many reasons for this hopefulness. Read upcoming blogs which will throw the spotlight of the reason for this hopefulness.   


4 thoughts on “Hopeful Africa Revisited

  1. i didn’t read both of the originally posts , however, i already kinda have an idea of what to expect from such a publication.”Hopeless Continent”

    Whats new? Africa has always been robbed , dragged in to the mud, mistreated and greatly insulted by the media, greatly insulted by world class scholars which one would expect them to at least have regards, and some professionalism to reporting and feeding the world the truth…

    not sure how anyone in their right mind will write an article and have the decency to name it such “Hopeless Continent”…

    What qualifies one to condemn ones home?
    what the world is falling to understand is the fact that Africa today is a product of the colonial era which did nothing for us but only brought civil wars and in and in return gave the westerns the power and the world recognition they so craved and got richer along the way….

  2. We share similar sentiments. I also wondered what the Economist magazine thought qualified them to be soo disrespectful of the world’s second largest continent with its over 50 sovereign states and about 1 billion residents. But then again, they were probably shooting for sensationalism. Whatever the case, shame on them for that particular headline and cover page. There are better ways to report news without stereotyping a whole continent. It is WELL! Africa is blessed forever and she’ll overcome all her challenges as long as all her children decide to put all hands on deck. Thanks for the feedback.

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