Rawlings, Restoring Morality To Global Affairs: When the right of might supersedes the sacred might of right

Below is a part of a speech by Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings on 12 September 2014 at a seminar attended by Namibian Prime Minister, leading Pan Africanists and other political figures. The Ex-Prez made some relevant observations about the global order. Here is one:

“In one fell swoop, the right of might was made to supersede and almost destroy the sacred might of right.”

This was the case with U.S. interventions in Afghanistan, Libya and the Ukraine. I like the United States of America. It is a great country with some amazing history and people.

Morality is not an easy subject to broach in our day—not by even the most ‘moral’ voices of our times. A man with alleged blood on his hands (by way of the coup d’état) might be deemed by some unfit to give such a public address on morality.

But with such an opinion, I’d beg to differ. Truth is Truth regardless of the mouth from which it ushers. President Rawlings has a somewhat blemished record tied to the military government he headed. Agreed! But to his credit, unlike some of SSA’s military rulers, he eventually returned Ghana to democratic rule despite the huge support he still enjoys from the Ghana Armed Forces. Do read his remarks with an unbiased lens if possible.

For the full speech read the shared blog below

J.J. Rawlings

President Pohamba welcomes President RawlingsGhana’s former President, Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings, has in an address in Windhoek, Namibia, challenged the United States and other Western powers to restore morality into the manner they manage global affairs.

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