rect3338Mr. Solomon Appiah is a social science researcher and consultant. Appiah has studied and worked in Europe, North America and Africa. His research interests include human rights international relations, public policy, natural resources (extractives), inequality and poverty. He serves as the National Director for Edu4Trans Ghana and also carries out consultancies for local and international organizations.

He has worked and consulted for international organizations such the Kofi Annan chaired Africa Progress Panel in Geneva and the Natural Resources Governance Institute. He was part of the team that produced the game changing 2013 Africa Progress Report titled, ‘Equity In Extractives: Stewarding Africa’s Natural Resources for all’. He was one of the consultants for the NRGI Resource Governance Index Ghana Pilot that was used for the 2017 Resource Governance Index. He has also served as one of the two representatives of the President of the Republic of Ghana on the 6th Ghana Prisons Council. He was the chair of the Council’s sub-committee that oversaw the launch of an initiative to reform Ghana’s penal system dubbed project Efiase.

6th Prisons Council Activities

11163278_851147528298391_4350206138179795857_oArticle 206 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana provides that there shall be established a Prisons Service Council which shall consist of thirteen members. Subsection (k) provides that of these, two (2) shall be appointed by the President of the Republic of Ghana while the other eleven (11) come from Ministries, Departments and Agencies as well as legal, medical and other professional associations. Mr. Appiah is one of the two appointees of H.E. the President of Ghana on the Council.

As part of his activities on the Council, Mr. Appiah serves as the Chairman of the Project Efiase Planning Commiefiase-cover-final-2ttee—a subcommittee of the Prisons Council.

He chaired the successful planning of historic launching of both Project Efiase & the Ten Year Strategic Development Plan of the Ghana Prisons Service with His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, the President of the Republic of Ghana as the Special Guest of Honour.

He also planned the successful historic first visit by a sitting President to any Prison in Ghana. Soon after this visit, the US President emulated the Ghanaian example.

Mr. Appiah also authored, edited and designed the cover page and infographic of the 2015 Annual Project Efiase Report for the Prisons Council.

He also oversaw the the conducting of Ghana’s first nationwide Prison Health Needs Assessment for the Ghana Prisons Service.

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